Welcome to the Jungle Lofts Marvila

Marvila’s heartbeat can be felt on the streets, at the cafés, bars and restaurants, at the art galleries, breweries or even at the brand-new riverfront boulevard – whose gardens will begin collecting new stories. The pulse rises in the old neighbourhood’s squares and can be felt racing on matchday at Oriental’s headquarters; only to come to a halt on stage of the Meridional Theatre.

Jungle Lofts Marvila is a project born from harmonizing two values: tradition and contemporaneity. A building that celebrates the neighbourhood values and the memory of this address’s legacy whilst being reestablished through a bold and modern design.

This project is authored by ARX which, through the hand of Architect José Mateus, managed to incorporate the concept with the local architecture and its existing legacy. Together with Baldios – the landscapers – they developed a community where the vegetation is central to the habitability of these spaces. Blooming gardens that remind us of jungles, where the city meets nature in what almost seems absolutely seamless. The name is no coincidence. It’s a statement that we want to inspire our future residents to breath as they cross their homes toward their urban jungles.

13 apartaments / 3 x T2 / 5 x T3 / 5 x T4

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